Connecting Local Businesses & Families with Schools in Need

Link to Libraries Community Book Link sponsorship program plays a critical role in our efforts to dramatically improve a child’s chances for success by increasing their access to books in underserved school libraries.

This program establishes a three-year partnership between a local business, individual, family or group and a local school in need. Sponsors provide $1,500 per year over the course of this three-year commitment, ensuring that there will be a steady stream of approximately 300 new books to that school’s library each year. 

Additionally, sponsors are offered the opportunity to read aloud in up to two third or fourth grade classrooms once a month and provided with new books to give to students at the end of each visit. Our current sponsors will tell you that interacting with the children and sharing your love of reading with them is a uniquely rewarding and inspiring experience.

Link to Libraries is always looking for new Community Book Link sponsors! If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful opportunity to have a significant impact on the lives of children at a school in need, please contact:

Laurie Flynn

President & CEO

(413) 654-7241


I wanted to thank you for the huge part you played in our year of book giving here at Lincoln. Our third graders received so many special books throughout the year thanks to your generous donation through Links to Libraries.

The last week of school, each child was able to come to the library to "shop" for a book of their choice organized by grade and reading level. This collection was supplemented by donations from family, friends and staff, but the backbone of the 400+ books were through your support of Links. The kids loved the experience of getting to choose for themselves and couldn't get over the idea that they were theirs to take home and keep.

I think we can all agree books at home make a difference and your support has helped to make this happen.

Mary Fitzgerald, Librarian
Lincoln Elementary Library - Springfield, MA

Homer Street School has been very fortunate to have Link to Libraries’ support and programs contributing to the literacy of our students. Students have benefitted from the wonderful books and readers that have come to our school through the Business Book Link Project, Celebrity Read Aloud Program, Reading Any Place, and the Welcome to Kindergarten Program. Our once empty classroom and school libraries now have many new books for our students to choose from. Many of our students have received brand new books to take home, which is especially crucial to building lifelong literacy. We have made many valuable connections with our community businesses and volunteers through Link to Libraries.

Mary Outhuse, ILS Mathematics
Homer Street School - Springfield, MA