The Celebrity Read Aloud Program

The Celebrity Read Aloud Program is a hallmark of Link to Libraries. This academic year we have streamlined the program by selecting four schools: Homer School, Kensington School, Washington School, and Fairview Elementary School. Our enthusiastic celebrity readers visit third and fourth grade classes at these schools. They share with the students a little bit about who they are and what they do. They then read a book selected by Link to Libraries, emphasizing the importance of reading, learning and studying. After the reading, questions and discussion are encouraged and asked during the 30 minute visit. We then give every student a new book to take home to grow their own libraries. Our readers love the time they spend in the classroom and, in fact, eagerly seek out the opportunity to participate in our program year after year.

The Monthly Independent Reader Program is a natural extension of the Celebrity Read Aloud program and has received very positive feedback. Community volunteer readers are assigned a school and a third or fourth grade class, and visit once a month during the academic school year,  reading a different book each time.

 Stay tuned for our next Celebrity Read Aloud event...